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News & Announcements

Posted on May 29th, 2024
       The Special Assessment notices and coupons were sent out by our Management Company weeks ago; the first installment of $400 is due September 1, 2024 and the second installment is due September 1, 2025 (the full $800 may be paid all at once with the first installment). Many owners have already sent in their payments and quite a few have chosen to pay the entire $800 now, rather than waiting until next year for the second $400.
       Unfortunately, Management has gotten some of the notices returned as "undeliverable." This usually happens when someone has their primary mailing address as their condo unit and they've not set up "mail forwarding" or updated it when they're not at Wedgewood (snowbirds). This is especially true with our Canadian owners.
       If you – or someone you know – have not received your/their notice & coupons, please contact/have them contact our Management company at (813) 433-2000. Since many of our Canadian owners know each other outside of Wedgewood, please check with your friends to insure they've received their notice & coupons, to avoid a "failure to pay" violation or late fees after September 1st.
May 21st Board Meeting CANCELLED
Posted on May 15th, 2024
The May Board Meeting has been cancelled. We're awaiting a viable bid on the staircase rebuild and other pended issues. As soon as a new meeting is planned it will be announced on this website and the clubhouse doors bulletin boards. 
Wedgewood Pool Rehab July 8th
Posted on May 15th, 2024
The Board of Directors have approved a contract with Pelagic Pool & Spa Company to repair and refinish our pool and spa after inspections have uncovered numerous issues needing to be addressed. The last day of the pool being open to the residents will be July 4th. Several days are needed to prepare for the construction work, including reduction of the sanitizing chemicals so that the pool & spa can be drained according to Florida Department of Health & Pasco County regulations. Rehab work will begin on or about Monday, July 8th, weather permitting, and will last at least a week. 
While the Wedgewood pool is being worked on, residents are reminded that the pool at the main Beacon Woods Clubhouse/Civic Center is available for your use (be sure to bring proof of residency if you are planning a visit).
Updated Mailing Addresses
Posted on Apr 29th, 2024
SNOWBIRDS: If you would like to update your primary mailing address while you're not physically AT Wedgewood, so you get all important mailings promptly, you can request an update by emailing Stacey Bishop at our Management company:
Avoid Car and Condo Break-Ins
Posted on Apr 28th, 2024
IMPORTANT! Some residents have reported seeing suspicious characters passing through our community; one resident reports having a security video of someone checking the door to her car and condo to see if they were unlocked.
If you have video or photos of someone attempting to access your car or condo please call 911 and report it! Even though they have not committed a crime by trying to access your unlocked doors, the police may want to see your video to identify suspects in other break-ins around our neighborhood. 
Residents Social Directory
Posted on Apr 26th, 2024
There is a Members' Directory on our website comprised of everyone who has joined the website. There was also a Residents Social Directory (under Documents) that was compiled by Ro Bausert & Doris Willis back in January, 2023, of information given to them by residents (those were printed up and given to all who took part). That directory is currently available on our website (extra copies are on the desk in the clubhouse). If you would like to add (or update) your name & info, please email me (passscribe@aol.com) and I'll add or update accordingly (name, address, home & cell number, email address).
Closing Up Your Condo
Posted on Apr 23rd, 2024
Recommendations for closing up your condo if you're leaving for the summer can be found under Letters/Notices in the pull-down menu on the top of the Home Page.
Historical Documents Now on Website
Posted on Mar 1st, 2024
The original By-Laws from the original Prospectus offering, when the Wedgewood Condo Community was first established back in 1974, have been posted on this website. Also included are the original maps showing the five phases of construction, which would be completed in 1983. If you are curious or have an interest in historical items, log in, click on Documents, then click on Miscellaneous Documents, then History & Archives to view. (The papers were scanned at a high resolution for the best quality so the large file sizes required some of the old pages to be viewed separately.) Our thanks to resident Bob Ragot for sharing his original papers with us. We've also just posted additional vintage Wedgewood-related papers shared by resident Pat Vogt.
Posted on Jan 23rd, 2024
IMPORTANT! If you get an email from Spectrum, offering you a better price or special deal on your Spectrum service, DO NOT OPEN IT! Someone has hacked Spectrum and is sending out bogus emails containing a virus that can infect your computer or device. Wedgewood has a bulk contract with Spectrum, so no one can offer you a better deal. If you're paying extra for some additional channels or equipment, do not open the email; instead, call Spectrum directly to discuss any possible details with your account. There is, however, an offer of Free Disney+ Streaming through your Spectrum account; this has been found to be legitimate and safe for you to take advantage of.
New HOA Fees Beginning Jan. 1st
Posted on Dec 22nd, 2023
Our Management company was supposed to send out a notice for the new HOA fees, along with new payment booklets, but they were held up at the printer. Due to the many increased costs to the Association, and the drastic increase in our Property Insurance for 2024 (and projected for 2025), it was necessary to raise the HOA fees $50 to a total of $410. $43.50 of that $50 increase is just earmarked for insurance.

Events & Activities

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Projects Updates

An example of the "unexpected" work needed during the balconies & lanais project. The rotted main support beams for the lanais on building 47 were impossible to detect until after the fascia boards were removed in order to check and replace the support posts as necessary. (posted Oct. 27, 2023)
The new patio gates and fences have been installed on several buildings once the balcony & lanai repaires were completed and the buildings painted. (May, 2023)
The rehab of the balconies & lanais, as well as painting, on buildings 41 and 65 has been completed (April 17th, 2023). The new patio fences and gates will be installed soon. (Photos by Ken.)